It’s Easy to Get Lost Down Here

It starts with a single thought; a simple notion. It starts with a breath and the first heartbeat of the morning. It starts and I find myself sinking down. I find myself dreaming. Let me out. What am I doing here? Skin so cold; touched by dawn’s first light. Grasp for a feeling, but my hands are empty.

It’s easy to get lost down here. I look around for hope, but find a mirror. A familiarity; stay in the shadows, girl, it’s where you belong. A painful reminder sings a funeral song and I don’t cry. I can’t cry. My tears have run out. The past is gone but I’m here and I’m now. There’s a lot down here to worry about. If I stare into the void, will I ever find the light? If I let it inside, will I survive tonight?

I get so very tired. I follow my nightmares; forget how to smile. Where am I? I open my mouth to scream but can’t hear a sound. No, I must be quiet now. Your words came to me in a whisper; they crawled inside my dreams. They said I can’t keep living here, inside our memories.

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