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Designs and the March of Time

It’s been over a decade since I last published a knitting pattern. I don’t mean to say that in a way that makes it sound like I was a capital “D” Designer, because I wasn’t. I created 9 designs and one was included in a small publication. I never had a sweater design or anything too complicated. In fact, all but 1 of my designs were in a single category.

In the early years of my knitting habit I became obsessed with knitting fingerless gloves the way some knitters fancy socks or produce a tremendous number of sweaters from their needles. I loved knitting fingerless gloves because I had cold hands but also spent a great deal of time typing and knitting. I liked knitting them so much I started dreaming up new designs and figuring out how to make them. Then I started to write it down and then I started to share those designs on Ravelry. When people started to download and knit the patterns there was always a special thrill in seeing them upload photos and enjoy the pattern. Contributing to the world that brought me so much joy was rewarding and the creativity well was endlessly deep.

All these years later I still look at my designs with nostalgia and warmth. So much has changed in my life, including my name, and now that I’m back in my knitting season I’m feeling the pull to dig out those old patterns and update them. I’m a more experienced knitter now, and there are improvements I can make. I want to modernize the formatting and charts, and most of all I want to get rid of my old name and email address on them.

Some of my pattern photos:

Unfortunately I no longer have the .doc files that I originally used to create my patterns. I only have the PDF files I was able to download from my designer profile on Ravelry. I’ve started messing around in Adobe InDesign and I hope to re-release at least the first one within the next month or so if everything goes well.

I’ve also been thinking of knitting these designs again, as the originals are long gone so I can’t take updated photos of them. I have plenty of fingering weight yarn I’m not sure what to do with, and this could be the perfect use for it.

Who knows? Maybe while I’m digging back through all these knitting pattern designs I’ll get a little inspiration for something new.

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